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Build your Brand at the Tweet-Up

The power of effective social networking is finally hitting home for Jamaicans and Jamaica Pegasus is investing both time and money to nurture and help develop the phenomenon locally by hosting their Tweet-up to be held on February 11, and sponsoring other events like the Jamaica Blog Awards. Jamaicans are becoming more actively involved with social networking for marketing business, promoting events, ideas and keeping in touch with friends.

The Pegasus recently allotted 200 online tickets for the event which were scooped up in less than 15 minutes which proves that there is great anticipation for the Tweet-up and people are seeing the true value of social media. Although the Tweet-up may seem like simply fun and entertainment for the untrained eye, there exists a great opportunity for building business, relationships and personal brands.

For professionals and students who are keeping watch and are ready for the greatest shift in Jamaica that will be spurred through social media, they will have a distinct advantage over businesses with traditional marketing models.

Building your Personal Brand

Your personal brand may be worth more than you think and your activities online, good or bad, determine your brand equity, and guess what? The product is you! At the Tweet-up, ensure that you represent the product that is “YOU” as best as possible. Have business cards handy that provide your main social profile links and explains quickly and effectively what you’re about. Leave a positive, lasting impression on the people you meet.

Connect With Decision Makers

There will be a wide variety of professionals and prospective clients at the event. Seek out those within the niche you’re passionate about and start working the floor. Always think about possible collaborations, sales and deals that can come from the personalities that you will meet.

Network & Network Some More

There’s no room for being anti-social, so don’t go to tweet-up, eat the lovely food, listen to the music, take a few pictures then leave. Take the initiative, introduce yourself, start conversations, provide feedback on topics discussed, get your ideas out there and make connections with the right people.

Networking is a primary tool for building career and business success for the long-term and you will discover that the solid relationships you spend the time to build today are profitable investments towards future ventures.

Don’t Overdo It

Of course, try not to be an annoying sales person who is solely trying to sell the latest product or hype. Networking at the tweet-up is not about self promotion but is an opportunity to build relationships. Relationships that many companies fail to build with their customers and are now playing catchup after years, even decades of lousy service.

Your aim is to discover prospects, learn what they like and respond to and set the stage and open doors for future communication. Once the communication lines are open, you may start building trust through regular interaction.

Remember, your most valuable brand is YOU and even if you have failed at other business ventures in the past, it is YOU who will have to pick up the pieces, start anew, market the next new idea and ultimately achieve and sustain success.

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