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The Blend Bar & Lounge

A great addition to the Kingston nightlife – Blend Bar & Lounge has quickly become one of the coolest places to be seen on the Kingston landscape. The understated and quiet elegance of Blend allows for intimate conversations so patrons can really enjoy each other’s company without shouting over the music.

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Every Wednesday, the bar offers a live piano music for a relaxing after work experience. Friday evenings at Blend caters to those who want to relax, and enjoy a good meal while catching up on the week’s events with friends.

Signature menu items include Jerk Chicken Quesadilla served with sorrel and balsamic reduction, Jamaican Style Bruschetta’s – which is a bammy crostini served with sautéed codfish, ripe tomatoes and hint of scotch bonnet pepper or  the Pegasus sliders served with crumbled feta cheese and bacon bits.  Other classic menu items include Spicy crab cakes, Popcorn shrimp and the sumptuous Seafood pizza to name a few.

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